We The Kingdom releases EP "Live At The Wheelhouse"

We The Kingdom released their debut EP Live At The Wheelhouse featuring six new live recordings including “Holy Water”, “Dancing On The Waves”, and more. Live At The Wheelhouse takes a multigenerational perspective on struggle and the faithfulness of God

We The Kingdom is a multigenerational family of musicians, including producers and songwriters Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Rae Cash, Martin Cash and Andrew Bergthold. Their music is a blend of worship, vulnerability and grit that is birthed out of decades of musical influences and a shared difficult experience that brought them together as a band. 

Live At The Wheelhouse EP Track Listing: 

  1. God So Loved - Live
  2. Holy Water - Live 
  3. SOS - Live 
  4. Free, Amen - Live
  5. Sing Wherever I Go - Live 
  6. Dancing On The Waves - Live 

Listen to Live At The Wheelhouse here now!