Capitol Christian Music Group


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    WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED DEMOS. (These requests will not receive a response.)

    If you have a radio request:
    E-mail our radio department at

    If you need a license or permission to
use one of our songs:
    E-mail our licensing department or visit

    If you are a CBA Independent retailer & wish to order Capitol CMG product, please reach out to one of the following distributors:
    – Anchor/Whitaker – 800-444-4484

    – New Day – 800-251-3633

    To order CCMG music through UMG, please choose one of the following:
    – Email orders to All orders must include UPC’s or UMG Product code.
    – Contact for electronic ordering, or manual entry/website ordering

    To open up an account with UMG, email to start the account application process.