Mosaic MSC celebrates the essence of the "Ser Humano" (Human Being) with their new Spanish language album

After causing a great impact in radio stations and digital platforms, reaching one of the top positions on monitorLATINO with the single "Nunca Me Fallas, (feat. Marcos Witt)", Mosaic MSC releases with great expectation the full album that includes this single, titled "Ser Humano."


Thanks to their unshakeable passion and love for the Spanish-speaking community, the collective completed the production of this album during the beginning of the pandemic, a project that was born in their hearts long ago but had not come to fruition for several reasons. Undoubtedly, it was at the right time, which allowed them to unite their talents, inspiration, and creativity to get the final result.


"Ser Humano" has a very special meaning. "Many times we see and connect only with the negative part of people. Our album and theology challenge that mentality," Mosaic MSC songwriter and vocalist, Carlos Pimentel explains. "These songs wish to project how God sees us, as His loving and worthy children. If God created us in His image, even when we fail and stray from the path, He has the capacity of seeing us with potential."


Comprised of 10 songs, this album presents the main single, "Sueños," which speaks from the perspective of gratitude rooted in the constant unconditional love of Christ. "With this song and our entire lives, we want to surrender everything to Jesus, all that we are. Our dreams, desires, gratitude, anxiety, and our insecurities, because He loves us beyond what we can imagine. This provokes a desire in us to want to be closer to Him."


List of Songs -  «Ser Humano»:

  1. Fuente

  2. Todo Lo Doy 

  3. Hasta El Fin 

  4. Sueños 

  5. Quiero Más De Ti 

  6. Nunca Me Fallas (Feat. Marcos Witt) 

  7. No Regreso Atrás 

  8. Mi Salvador 

  9. Milagro 

  10. Guíanos A Ti 


Mosaic is made up of a community of people from different parts of the world, including a large number of Latinos who have been able to find a beautiful space to express who they are. With this launch, their intention was not focused on doing something that was in trend, but continuing with the initiative of their pastor Erwin McManus, originally from El Salvador.


For Mosaic members, the privilege of belonging to a community that is inclusive and multicultural is great. This gives a deeper value to what a mosaic represents: fragments that, when put together, create a beautiful image and when the complete work is brought to light, its beauty stands out. "It is the same with our community: the fragments are us; when we unite, we form the body of Christ and the light that is reflected in us is the light of Jesus."


One of the purposes that resonates in their hearts regarding the music they produce is to help new generations to find a language that is effective in their relationship with Jesus and, furthermore, that helps them gain more confidence in teaching other people who He is to them. “Reflecting Jesus with our music is part of what distinguishes us as a community. Regardless of where we are, we want to communicate the message of salvation."


Ser Humano is already available worldwide as of today on all digital platforms and the lyric video can be found on Mosaic MSC's official YouTube channel.