Jesus Culture Releases 'Church Volume One' & 'Church Volume Two'

Following the release of Jesus Culture’s newest single, “Gold” featuring Katie Torwalt, their new albums, “Church Volume One” and “Church Volume Two” are out now. The albums are a call to see the beauty and love of Jesus. 

“A collection of testimonies of what God has done in the past, proclamations of what He is doing now, and prophetic declarations of what we believe He is going to do next. These songs were made for such a time as this. We could never have guessed that a pandemic would be looming in the future, but God knew. Our worship now has the opportunity to come to brilliant life in the face of this adversity… This is the voice of our community and there is no better time than now to join the sound as we collectively announce the faithfulness of our King. Although we are temporarily unable to gather in person, we celebrate knowing His presence is never limited to a building. We are honored to invite you to Church.”  

Church Volume One Tracklist:

  1. More Than Enough (Live) ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  2. Still In Control (Live) ft. Mack Brock
  3. Anticipation (Live) ft. Bryan & Katie Torwalt
  4. Revival (Live) ft. Chris McClarney
  5. King Of Love (Live) ft. Derek Johnson
  6. Nothing But Good (Live) ft. Chris Quilala
  7. Insatiable (Live) ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  8. Gold (Live) ft. Bryan & Katie Torwalt
  9. I Will Not Fear (Live) ft. Derek Johnson 

Church Volume Two Tracklist:

  1. Fearless (Jesus Culture & Kim Walker-Smith)
  2. Fill Up The Sky (Jesus Culture & Derek Johnson)
  3. You Cannot Be Stopped (Jesus Culture & Chris Quilala)
  4. I Need You (More Than Anything) (Jesus Culture & Chris McClarney)
  5. Prophesy Your Promise (Jesus Culture & Bryan & Katie Torwalt)
  6. I Lift My Eyes (Jesus Culture & Mack Brock)
  7. Lean Back (Jesus Culture & Chris McClarney & Katie Torwalt)
  8. One Name (Jesus Culture & Jake Ithurburn)
  9. Freedom Is Coming (Jesus Culture & Bryan & Katie Torwalt) 

Listen to Church Volume One here now! 

 Listen to Church Volume Two here now!