Jeremy and Adrienne Camp - The Worship Project

Jeremy Camp and wife Adrienne Camp (former frontwoman of Christian band The Benjamin Gate) first collaborative studio album, The Worship Project, is available today. 


The Worship Project is a 6-song EP that declares a steadfast belief in a faithful God. It is the first time in their 16-year marriage, and nearly four combined decades as artists, that the couple has released music as a duo.


“This project is so special because Adrienne has been such a vital part of my journey, but this is the first time we’ve ever done a project fully together,” says Jeremy. “We pray that this project will encourage many to seek Jesus amidst uncertainty.” 


The Worship Project Tracklist:

1. Your Way Yahweh

2. We Turn Our Eyes (You Speak To My Fear)

3. Death Has No Power

4. Father I Thank You

5. Whatever May Come

6. Isn’t The Name


Listen to The Worship Project here!