Official Lyric Video for “God WYA” by Social Club Misfits Get their new album DOOM. here: See Social Club Misfits on Tour NOW: We love you: Misfits Merch: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Hit us up: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Lyrics: You said that “you don’t need nothing” Your mom said “that we should talk” ‘Cause when you need me for something I know that you gon’ call I heard you singing out Ayoooooo “Can somebody help me out, can You help me out?” I’m singing Ayoooooo “God, I kinda need You now, can You hear me now ya?” You said that “you don’t need nothing” (you said that, you said that) Your mom said “that we should talk” (we really need to talk) ‘Cause when you need me for something (when you need me for something) I know that you gon’ call Imagine me looking up at the sky and pumping my fists at You For trusting in someone that I cannot see in the physical I’m a keep it a buck them long nights I was miserable, You had to be alongside with me for me to make it through How could You continue to love me, I always leave a mess And only take what I want and leave You the rest I know I should know better, but I defend my sins Wallow in my losses even minimize all my wins You want the best for me, I’m concerned with the rest I get lost in my own mind, and I forget Lately the more we talk the freer I feel I’m sorry I let You down all them years in the field I wasted so much time, it hurts, I took You for granted Out of sight out of mind but internally I was damaged Once I realized I hurt You, I hated how it felt So, there is no way that I won’t love You no matter what I’m dealt - Fernie I’ll probably be reckless and pickup You can save the time for me, I know that you messed up The timing’s gotta be perfect, you think you gotta catch up To everybody else but you don’t need to bluff Around me You can be yourself I don’t need your help I made the universe plus everything you felt Is temporary You don’t gotta worry I see the finish line so you don’t needa hurry Just chill About Social Club Misfits: Jam-packed with riveting beats, compelling lyrics and loads of energy, South Florida Hip-Hop duo Social Club Misfits is the result of two distinctive personalities meshing together to create an invigorating sound. Comprised of Martin Santiago (Marty) and Fernando Miranda (Fern), the self-monikered "Misfits" are disruptors in every sense, challenging norms and bringing other misfits along for the ride. With a host of projects and EPs under their belt, including the Billboard-charting full lengths INTO THE NIGHT, The Misadventures, Misfits 2 and US, the Dove Award winning rappers have made a sport of pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of what faith-based music can accomplish. From headlining sold out tours across the country to spawning imitators the world over, it's clear the duo has struck a chord with listeners from all walks of life.