Official Visualizer for Enough (ft. Austin French) [DOOM Remix] by Social Club Misfits Get the new MOOD // DOOM Album: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: We love you: Misfits Merch: See Social Club Misfits on Tour: Hit us up: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Hit up Austin French: YouTube - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Check out other videos: Social Club Misfits - Believe (Lyric Video) - Social Club Misfits - Testify ft. Crowder (Lyric Video) - Social Club Misfits - Que Lo Que (Lyric Video) - Lyrics: I was born to walk through the fire I was made to run through these flames Yeah, even when I’m broken and tired You are enough, enough, enough And I know you’ve been feeling like nobody cares Looking for love everywhere, but nobody’s there Your secrets are hidden and buried deep inside You try not to show it, but all I see is pride All I see is fear, that’s not welcome here Fight hard, persevere, slowed down, switch your gears Focus, make this the year Yeah, you’re hopeless, give Him your tears And I remember going through the same thing All that weight on my shoulders tried to break me Father stretch Your hand down from heaven, please save me I’m holding to the promises that You gave me, You made me Lately my prayers sound more like complaints I’m trying to fight insecurity while balancing faith Nobody ever changed the world by playing it safe When you’re afraid is the only time that a man can be brave So, don’t tell me God is silent when your Bible is closed I know that I’m far from perfect, but I wanna be close Even on this broken road I know that God’s in control I’m not where I wanna be, but I’m not where I was Yeah, so I don’t wanna over complicate it Your love doesn’t change, it made me who I am yeah And even when I don’t think I can make it Your grace surrounds me, I’m sing it till the end yeah I could give up, I could just hide But You walk with me through all of my fires You do, yeah, You do