Official Audio for "Keep On Hoping” by Riley Clemmons  Get the song here: Follow Riley on TikTok:​ Subscribe to RileyClemmonsVEVO:​ Follow Riley Clemmons: Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Spotify:​ LYRICS  The weight of the world is getting heavier now Feels like it’s far too much to carry around  And each and every little time that you fall Starts looking like the end of it all    Somewhere hidden in the noise there’s a truth  Someone to believe and hang onto In each and every little word that you hear I pray that one thing would be so clear   With all those voices in your head  Just don’t, don’t ever forget That God’s still good And He’s still got it all in control    Come on and keep on hoping when the days get dark  Keep on singing, don’t you ever lose heart Lift your eyes, the One who gave you life Will give you strength to keep on going So keep on hoping  Keep on Hoping   What if the miracle’s a moment away  What if the morning’s just about to break   And all the innocence you thought that you lost  Was there inside of you all along   There’s hope for a better tomorrow  There’s hope for joy over sorrow  Cause God’s still good And He’s still got it all in control   There’s hope for a world that can change  There’s hope for love over hate  Cause God’s still good And He’s still got it all in control   And know that still His promise will Never be broken    Come on and keep on hoping like a soul set free In every moment, every breath you breathe Lift your eyes you’re gonna be alright You’ve got the strength to keep on going So keep on hoping  Come on and keep on  Keep on hoping Keep on hoping