All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic) by Hillsong Young & Free "We made ‘All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic)’ during a season where we found ourselves singing these songs, more often than not, on a piano or an acoustic guitar. Although they were designed to be sung in live rooms with many people jumping and dancing, we found that there was an intimacy that came when we sung these songs this way. This album represents this season, our closeness to God and our need of Him." -- Aodhan King Click here to listen to the latest from Hillsong Young & Free: Watch the original version of Need Your Love: Listen to All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic): Stay connected: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Need Your Love Words and Music by Michael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings, Aodhan King, Ben Tan & Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen © 2020 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia CCLI: 7147810 VERSE 1: I was searching for something Something I knew was there but couldn’t see I remember the moment When the One I was searching for found me PRE-CHORUS: I can’t make sense of it No getting over it How much Your love changed everything All cos I know You now How could I go without Jesus You’re more than enough for me CHORUS: I don’t need anything else I need Your love I need Your love I don’t want anything else I need Your love I need Your love Na na na na na na VERSE 2: God I need You like water God I need You like I need air to breathe I won’t take You for granted I won’t go back to how I used to be BRIDGE: Cos there’s just one thing One thing One thing I need TAG: I need Your love I need Your love #HillsongYoungandFree #NeedYourLove #YoungAndFree