Official Lyric Video for “Irresponsible (feat. J Monty)” by JUDAH. Subscribe to JUDAH.'s YouTube channel: Get song here: Follow JUDAH. on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website:   LYRICS: I just wanna say I’m hopeless without you I’ve searched far and wide to find that it doesn’t get any better than this   And I just wanna say I’m sorry for running in circles with my sin and shame when You told me to run to your love   And I just wanna say I’m grateful for all of the ways you’ve never left me behind Oh how irresponsible Your love And I just wanna praise Your name for all the way you keep chasing my heart Oh how irresponsible Your love   And I don’t know why I’m inclined to run and hide I build mountains in my mind so high To find they never stood a chance to your love   My highest heights were never enough From heaven to hell might as well just give up Yeah where could I got that you don’t where could I run that you won’t None of my lows are too low for how deep that You’ll go.   You know my deep desire is to feed the fire of the evil liar in me I don’t wanna see Messiah I just bleed til I’m weak and tired, steaming high in the deepest fryer And I’m reaching wider just to be admired by the people higher than me But somehow you reacquire and inspire my soul I see the choir and the Lion of old   I’m pedaling, I get too comfortable that’s when I settle in really the medicine, is knowing our weakness is right where He met us in I’m so good at meddling in my sin should win a medal in it, holy water kettle with it We been filling up our pockets with the lettuce and relish But still you let us relish in you I been in the mix with evil I don’t know why I feel I gotta get deceitful just to get the seats full Compromising for a million views, Pitiful, minuscule, I’ll walk from Texas to Tennessee and burn a hole in my tennis shoes Just to run from your love but you still hunt me down like it’s 10 of you Break me down interlude   I need the wisdom of Solomon Timothy Paul and the Prophets Just To get to the altar and center the heart of my calling I been spinning my top to resemble the heart of the Father But it’s getting harder with this armor so I build walls to keep you out but you don’t fear those obstacles Your love for me put you to death and that’s so irresponsible   #JUDAH #Irresponsible #JMonty #Official