Official Audio for “He Is” by Crowder Get the song here: New Album 'Milk & Honey' coming 6/11/21 Subscribe to Crowder on YouTube: Follow Crowder:  Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website:   Check out other videos: Crowder - Wildfire (Official Music Video) - Crowder - Hundred Miles (Acoustic) - Crowder - Red Letters (Official Music Video) - LYRICS If you’re troubled Heavy hearted Come to Jesus and find your peace   If you’re run down Empty handed  Come to Jesus and find your strength    He is Hope for the hopeless Rest for the weary Help for the hurting He is, He is Mending the broken Bearing the burdens All that you’re needing  He is   If you’re wandering  In the darkness Come to Jesus and find your way   If you want freedom Need forgiveness Just come to Jesus and find His grace   Comforter, Counselor, Prince of Peace Author and Maker of everything  Defender , Deliverer, King of kings He is, He is…   Helper and Healer forevermore Savior and Shelter through every storm  My Refuge, Redeemer and Lord of Lords He is, He is   Child of Heaven and Son of Man Provider, Protector the great I AM  Alpha Omega, Beginning and End He Is, He Is