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Official Performance Video for “The Church I Grew Up In” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard
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There’s a little white church in Georgia
With the steeple still attached
When all those cars drive by
They don’t know what they just passed
No fancy signs, one service time, and the doors are always unlocked
It’s the first place that I saw the hand of God

You couldn’t tell me there wasn’t healing in those walls
You couldn’t tell me angels didn’t walk those halls
On a Wednesday night and Sunday morning
We didn’t have much, but Jesus loved it
If you wanna know why I am the way I am
It’s the church I grew up in

There’s tear stains in the carpet
Communion in the back
No one there was perfect, but we all tried our best
Mothers’ prayers still in the air for the ones who’ve walked away
The only thing that always kept us was God’s grace

From wedding vows to funerals
The church bells they still ring
It’s where I learned the gospel
And my mom taught me to sing
You can try to tell me that the church isn’t alive today
But I know it is
So I’ll tell my kids

There is healing in these walls
There’s angels dancing down these halls
If it’s Wednesday night or Sunday morning
We don’t need much, ‘cause Jesus loves it
If you wanna know where my history began
If you wanna know why I am the way I am
It’s the church I grew up in