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Official Lyric Video for “Satisfied” by Evvie McKinney and Dante Bowe
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If I woke up tomorrow
And everything I had was gone
If a storm full of sorrow
Tried to take the wind out of my song

I would stand in the wreckage
With a peace I can’t explain
Cause if the world didn’t give it
Then the world can’t take it away

I’ve got all that I need
You pour out Your blessings
Over my life
In You I’m satisfied
I don’t have to settle
I’ve got something better
Jesus Christ
In You I’m satisfied

You’re a faithful provider
Even more than I can see
Cause I am Your desire
You never hold back a thing from me

I will stand in the promise
Because You’re with me in the fire
I know that I’m not forgotten
Even now I know You’re right by my side

I will abide, I will abide
In the shadow of the most high God
I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied
Just knowing that You are my God