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Official Audio for “Holy” by Sean Curran featuring Kirby Kaple
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​​Creation sings in the quiet things 
It whispers life through the subtlety
I can hear it well if I’m listening 
And it sounds like holy
A child’s faith is a holy thing
No bitter root to their questioning
Oh and freedom is remembering 
And it feels so holy
And it feels so holy 
And it feels so holy 
Feels so Holy, feels so holy holy holy
It feels so holy
It feels so holy
Yes It feels so holy
It feels holy
I’ve prayed for fire I’ve prayed for rain 
I’ve known true love and I’ve known true pain 
But my guiding light has never changed 
You’re still holy 
I’ve seen you in a strangers eyes
But I’ve missed a thousand other times
The more I look the more I find
It’s all holy