Capitol Christian Music Group

Benjamin William Hastings

Benjamin William Hastings is a Northern Irish singer, songwriter. Raised on the streets of Belfast but spending the better part of his twenties in Sydney, Australia; Hastings fell in love with A beautiful girl who too shared a love for words and six months later they decided to share a name. In the early years they tried to write songs together but as it turns out that was not very good for their marriage and they were much better at making babies anyway; of which now they have two rather perfect ones. Around that same time Hastings fell in with a church crowd who just so happened to be some of Jessa’s childhood friends and that motley crew was Hillsong United. Since featuring on “So Will I (100 Billion X) he’s written a whole lot of songs which, if you add them all together have been streamed over 500 Million times (not quite a 100 billion but we’re on the way!!). Recently, Hastings and his family moved to Los Angeles, CA where he and is his wife Jessa Hastings (Author of novel; Magnolia Parks) still don’t write together but are hard at work on their respective crafts. His latest solo offering explores the ongoing wrestle of exercising faith (among other things) and to be honest it may be a little more honest than you’re used to hearing. But his hope is that somewhere in its humanity, you find something divine. After all; sometimes you gotta lie in the dirt just to stare at the stars.