Official Audio for "I’m Not Alone” by Riley Clemmons  Brand New Album ‘Godsend’ Coming June 4th Get The Song Here: Follow Riley On TikTok:  Subscribe to RileyClemmonsVEVO: Follow Riley Clemmons: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: LYRICS  Insecure, so unsure Anyone could ever love me just the way I am Turned away, so afraid Shame will come and tell me I’m rejected once again   I’ve thought my worth was lost But it wasn’t lost on you Help me believe what is true   You are for me Not against me I call on Your name You silence the shame You hear me, You’re with me I know                       I’m not alone   You bottle up all my tears There’s not a one that’s wasted in Your hands In Your hands When I feel too weak to fight Your arms will hold me up and give me strength to stand   When the walls are falling down When I’m face to face to with doubt And the lies are getting loud Help me stand my ground You say You will never leave When I’m surrounded by my enemies You go behind me, before me Defend me, restore me I am not alone No, no, I am not alone I am not alone No, no, I am not alone