All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic) by Hillsong Young & Free "We made ‘All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic)’ during a season where we found ourselves singing these songs, more often than not, on a piano or an acoustic guitar. Although they were designed to be sung in live rooms with many people jumping and dancing, we found that there was an intimacy that came when we sung these songs this way. This album represents this season, our closeness to God and our need of Him." -- Aodhan King Click here to listen to the latest from Hillsong Young & Free: Watch the original version of Never Have I Ever: Listen to All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic): Stay connected: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Never Have I Ever Words and Music by Joshua Grimmett, Michael Fatkin & Melodie Wagner © 2020 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia CCLI: 7147651 VERSE 1: I was running wild Fell in love with the chase I’ve been up and down And all over the place Wasting all my days and nights Never feeling satisfied Putting on a smile I was keeping it fake But there’s no imitating What I’ve found in Your grace All the things I left behind Are shadows now I’ve seen the light PRE-CHORUS: In my head and my soul My heart my all I know that I know know know know CHORUS: Never never have I ever Ever found a love so good so good Never never am I ever Ever getting over living with You Nothing will change it All I can say is Never never have I ever Ever found a love so good so good VERSE 2: I’ve got a million reasons Why I can’t be the same You’ve got me looking forward Never turning my gaze Forever God it’s You and I Together till the end of time BRIDGE: Your love is patient Love is kind Your love is never hard to find Forever I am Yours and You’re mine All right All right OUTRO: Never have I ever no Never have I ever no #HillsongYoungandFree #NeverHaveIEver #YoungAndFree