Official video for “Not A Monster” by Angie Rose New album, Unstoppable, out 1.15.21. Get the song here: Subscribe: Sign up for emails from Angie: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok: Lyrics: Not a monster  Not a beast  But if I flex oh sheesh  I dive in the valley of the shadow of death  Why lie baby ain’t nobody left to impress   I pull up kicking up dust  Where I’m from you put in that work  Only in God do I trust  But they want the Rose in the dirt  Coffin I pray they ain’t catching the virus  I wash my hands of they nonsense they got me moving like Pilate I could flex on the track til I pulled a muscle  Calling all my dawgs to pull off the muzzle  When I pull up on yo block know my circle there  Was a stand up dude  Hey you need a chair? I ain’t here heiring the throne but I am the heir to the throne  My Father the King my Savior a Lawyer  And I just became your employer  Throw that cash back in my cash app I’m on the block handing out packs  You more like haz-mat you mad wack yo opinion never been facts    My mind move a mile a minute  My kind never came with a limit Peep the circle I don’t hang with squares They try angles I disappear  I gotta plan I’m investing like stock  Gave me the key and I got it on lock  My mama told me to give it to God  Got a career and I gave em a job   Came from the bottom now I make waves on the top  Ey ya Climbing the mountain I got my hands on the Rock  Came from the bottom the bottom  And now I make waves on the top  Climbing the mountain the mountain and I give it straight to the Rock! #AngieRose #NotAMonster #Unstoppable