Mack Brock - SPACE

Mack Brock’s new live album, SPACE, includes live songs and is available now. This special live album was recorded during this year's pandemic at Brock's home base of Charlotte, NC surrounded by musicians, crew and family that have walked through life with him and his wife, Meredith. SPACE is filled with songs that are reminders that Jesus always creates space for us - no matter our surroundings, past, season, faults or failures. 

"People are tired and oftentimes feel so left behind," shares Mack Brock. "My heart's desire is that myself, my family and my music can be a conduit that reminds people that they are loved and accepted just as they are with no strings attached. They can be confident in who they are. God loves you, and when you receive that, it’ll change your life. It allows you to love people in a new way - a love that serves, a love that leads with grace. I think this is where our desire to give our life to ministry as well as to become a foster family came from."

SPACE Tracklist:

1. Your Church Is Alive - Live

2. Bless The One - Live - Matt Maher

3. Song Of Heaven - Live

4. Come Now - Live

5. Your Presence Is A Promise - Live

6. Savior Of The World - Live

7. Space - Live - Amanda Lindsey Cook

8. Still I Will Praise - Live


Listen to SPACE here!